Social Media in Branded Events

Thursday, January 18th, 2018 - Umum

Social Media in Branded Events – Every large branded events are usually well spread and advertised in the social media. Large Company brand such as the automotive Company, mobile phone Company, Electronic Hardware Company, Alcohol Company, Petrol Company and other large company usually have large sponsorship funds for the event as well. Therefore not only by offline local promotion, but it is usually not unusual to have a well spread online advertisement online as well to increase the amount of guests on the events. For Online advertisement, one of the best place for the advertisement is through the use of Social Media Promotion.

For online media promotion, it is commonly used through the use of famous online social media such as Facebook, instagram, Line, Twitter or other currently popular selections of online social media. PouchNation as the leading event organizer, would handle either the online or offline social media engagement activities. Ranging from the purchasing the event tickets online, various tickets frauds, and also deal with counterfeit tickets. To show off their modern technology towards their guests, PouchNation allow the guests to have special event link which is received during the registration process. This link thus will let the guests to directly upload the pictures taken during event venue.

PouchNation has always been proud of their continuation of exploring and developing latest ways and technologies to further enhance guest experiences in the events. Their offline to online customer acquisition tool technology allows for the brands to onboard event guest as actual customers upright event. Furthermore, this tool would allow the brand to thoroughly pinpoint their target market, engage and establishing a relationship and also measuring the marketing possibilities from the guests at the same time. With those innovative features combined, PouchNation has managed to procured seven-digit investments Singapore and Malaysia investors at 2015.[hb]

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